1. What is Bulk SMS or Bulk Messaging ?

2. What is the basic use or utility of Bulk SMS ?

3. Types of Bulk SMS

4. What is the difference between Transactional, Promotional SMS and SendOTP route ?

5. How many SMS/Messages can I send at a time ?

6. How much time does it take to deliver a Message/SMS ?

7. What is SMS Credit ?

8. Credit count for different countries.

9. What is the maximum Text/SMS length (Character limit) allowed for a single credit in English & Unicode (Other Languages) ?

10. What is the charge per SMS? Are failed SMS also charged ?

11. What validity do you provide for Bulk SMS ?

12. Can I Send Bulk Messages to any network through Bulk SMS Service ?

13. Can I send National SMS ?

14. Which type of SMS can I push on DND numbers ?

15. What is the difference between Push SMS and Pull SMS ?

16. What is a DND registered number ?

17. Will my SMS get delivered on DND numbers too? / Can i send SMS to DND numbers ?

18. How to filter and check DND or non DND numbers ?

19. Who is TRAI ? / What does it mean by TRAI ?

20. Follow the rules of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is necessary? Is follows TRAI guidelines ?

21. How do/can I send messages/SMS ?

22. How to send SMS from Excel plugin ?

23. How to resolve Invalid range instance error in excel plugin ?

24. How can I send personalized SMS to my contacts through Computer/PC/Laptop ?

25. Can I send Flash SMS ?

26. What does a flash SMS mean ? How is it different from the regular SMS ?

27. Can I send SMS in other Language/Non-English message ?

28. In how many languages can I send an SMS ?

29. How to make template for frequent SMS ?

30. Can I schedule messages for later date and time ?

31. How can I schedule an SMS? Where can I see it’s delivery report?

32. What is campaign and how I can use it?

33. How to delete old campaign name?

34. Why am I unable to send an SMS with the content of my choice ? I get demo content repeatedly.

35. How we can add or remove a signature along with the SMS ?

36. How can I load my previous message ?

37. Which file formats are supported to upload numbers to send Bulk SMS ?

38. What is a .csv file ?

39. What is the difference between .xls and .csv file ?

40. How can I convert my Excel file to CSV ?

41. How to send Unicode custom by CSV ?

42. How to send SMS on group ?

43. How do/can I manage my contacts ?

44. How to upload contacts to a group ?

45. How to add group for phonebook? How many contacts can I import/upload at once ?

46. How can I send SMS on selected numbers in phonebook ?

47. How can I set default expiry of any number in phonebook ?

48. How to send SMS worldwide ?

49. How do I check my Bulk SMS credit balance ?

50. How do I confirm the message delivery ?

51. Where can I check the delivery reports ?

52. How to Export/Download the Delivery Reports ?

53. What is the meaning of different status in the delivery reports ?

54. What are the reasons behind a failed message ?

55. I am unable to see the delivery report of the failed API. Where can I find them ?

56. What is a request ID and where can I get it ?

57. How can I get report for particular number ?

58. Is it possible to export report for a particular keyword ?

59. How can I delete my Delivery report ?

60. What is Absent subscriber ?

61. What is Sender ID ?

62. What are the rules for sender ID in different countries ?

63. What is the meaning of prefixes like DZ, DM, IZ etc. ?

64. How to set default sender ID ?

65. Can I choose my Sender ID ?

66. How many Sender ID i can choose/create/generate ?

67. How much time/duration is needed/require to approve the Sender Id ?

68. What is an OPT-OUT SMS ? How can I stop it ?

69. Do I need to install software to send messages/SMS ?

70. Why the messages/SMS are not delivering ?

71. Do add any text in our message/SMS ?

72. What are the features of your Bulk SMS packages ?

73. Can I get an SMS alert daily informing about the available and used balance in my account ?

74. What is API ?

75. Do you provide HTTP or XML APIs to use in our premade website or software/application ?

76. Where can I find my authentication key ?

77. How can I integrate API provided in BeepSMS panel ?

78. What are the reason for error codes received under the API Failed ?

79. How to send + sign in SMS from API ?

80. How to debug if my API is not working?

81. What do you mean by API Security ?

82. Why to integrate BeepSMS API using Socket?

83. How to generate key hash for android ?

84. What is SendOTP ? How does it differ from BeepSMS ?

85. Where to find the SendOTP APIs ?

86. SendOTP APIs

87. How does SendOTP work ?

88. How does SendOTP implement the verification process? Is it secure as SendOTP itself generates the code and verifies ?

89. Where to find SendOTP Reports ?

90. What are Webhooks ? How does it work ?

91. How can I get the delivery reports on my URL through API ? What can be the possible reasons for not getting the PUSH DLR ?

92. How does works ? How to check if webhooks for DLR is working ?

93. How can I get Reseller account on BeepSMS ?

94. Can I become a Partner/Reseller of ?

95. How to white label my website? How to point CNAME for the domain or sub domain ?

96. How to create and design website for selling SMS ?

97. How to have my own website for selling SMS ?

98. How to add clients under reseller panel ?

99. How can I disable my client’s account ?

100. How can I add Demo Balance to my clients ?

101. How can I add pricing to my website ?

102. Can my clients also pay me online? If yes, then how ?

103. How do you give support to our Whitelabel clients ?

104. How can I customize a mail and an SMS for signup ?

105. How can I convert my client’s account into a reseller account ?

106. I have disabled a reseller under me. Does it disable all users under that reseller ?

107. How can I put the bank details like BeepSMS on my website ?

108. Why am I unable to pay online? It says, “You are not authorized”.

109. How does client search work ?

110. What is the meaning of SSL certificate error ?

111. I am facing trouble in viewing all the options on my screen. What should I do ?

112. What are third party services ?

113. How can I reset Password if I forgot the old one ?

114. How can I change username and registered mobile number ?

115. What are the best Accounting and Invoicing softwares you would recommend ?

116. What is the difference between free and paid SMS services ?

117. Can/Should I Test a Demo/Trial Account before purchasing Bulk SMS Services ?

118. What happens on recharge ?

119. How much discount does offers on package prices ?

120. Do you have any hidden charges ?

121. I am from Mumbai/Chennai. Do you provide your services in Mumbai/Chennai also ?

122. What is working hours ?

123. What are the credentials of ?

124. Do send any sales executives to our office ?

125. How do you provide support to your customers ?

126. How much does it cost per SMS ?

127. How do I purchase Bulk SMS Packs from ?

128. How can I pay for Bulk SMS Service to BeepSMS ?